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Dahua DSSExpress-Base-License. Software License DSS EXPRESS for Dahua device management. Includes start 64 ch of video expandable to 512, 2 ch LPR expandable to 32, 2 ch of facial recognition expandable to 32, 64 ch (doors) of access control, expandable to 1024, 128 video door entry devices expandable to 1024, 8 alarm control devices, expandable to 32 and up to 64 ch POS (POS); for the centralization of system control. The DSS Express payment license allows you to connect to the server manager as a client and extend the base licenses. Dssexpress-base-license.

DSS Express
DSS Express is easy-to-use and reliable VMS for single-server installation, which can meet the core requirements of video surveillance in small and mid-sized projects. It can extend the devices by license easily and provide the unified solution with access control, VDP, facial recognition and ANPR for some small and medium organizations. It is the ideal VMS for small and mid-sized projects, such as residences, shops, factories, casinos, etc.


  • DAHUA DSS EXPRESS software license
  • 64 video channels
  • 2 LPR channels
  • 2 facial recognition channels
  • 64 access control channels (doors)
  • 8 alarm controller devices
  • 128 VDP devices
  • 1 to 100 client users*
  • Expandable licenses*
  • * DSS Express free license (only StandAlone) don’t include this options


  • 10 hierarchies, 999 organizations per hierarchy
  • 3 user group levels
  • Video input bandwidth per server 350 Mbps
  • Video output bandwidth per server 350 Mbps
  • Playback bandwidth per server 150 Mbps
  • Storage bandwidth per server 150 Mbps
  • Maximum Storage capacity per server up to 200TB
  • Up to 5 download task per client

Expansion via DAHUA-1752 licenses

  • Expandable to 512 video channels via DAHUA-1729 license (1 license per channel)
  • Expandable to 32 LPR channels via DAHUA-1730 license (1 license per channel)
  • Expandable to 32 facial recognition channels via DAHUA-1731 license(1 license per channel)
  • Expandable to 1024 channels (doors) of access control via DAHUA-1732 license (1 license per channel)
  • Expandable to 1024 VDP devices (with a limit of 64 VDP stations for outdoors) via DAHUA-1733 license (1 license per device)
  • Expandable to 32 alarm control devices with a limit of 1024 detector/zones via DAHUA-1734 license (1 license per device)
  • Supports up to 64 channels POS via DAHUA-1735 license (1 license per channel)

Minimum Server hardware required*

  • CPU: I7
  • Memory: 16GB
  • Free space: >200GB for DSS Express
  • Ethernet port: 2 Gigabit ports

Minimum hardware requirements*

  • CPU: I5
  • Memory: 8GB
  • Graphic card: Intel® HD Sandbridge Desktop
  • Free space: >50GB
  • Ethernet port: 1 Gigabit port

    (*) For more information consult with the technical department


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